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About me

I am a dynamic person and I like my job as designer, so I try to be up to date.

The university education and work experiences have given me a good knowledge of the design world, in particular of the graphics, from the printing to the web, from drawing to 3D modeling passing through photography.

I’m equally able to develop a project in complete autonomy or in a team. I’ve a good attitude to teamwork and I often work in multicultural environments.

Main skills

Button to Graphic Designer works I’ve a thorough knowledge of graphic design for printing and the softwares for its realization, but I also realize web graphics and relative layout. In addition, thanks to the background as a photographer I’ve strong ability to photomanipulation.
Button to Web Designer works I own an excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS, for the development of graphics and layouts for web and UI. Often I integrate these components with JAVA, PHP or jQuery and I also use CMS like Joomla and Wordpress to get simple updateable websites.
Button to Illustrator works I have a good ability to freehand drawing and I create illustrations in a traditional or digital way, with the use of different graphic styles, from manga to minimal, from painting to vectorial.
Button to Phothographer works I gained experience in the photography in studio, sports and naturalistic.
I realized portraits, still life and abstract also to be used to assist graphic projects.
Button to 3D modeler works I Mainly create architectural model, but also character and industrial design.
I Often combine these ones with the creation of animations.
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